Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winner of Pauline's Challenge #10 and Juyle's Challenge #11

And the winner is......#8 Victoria!!! Yay! Please visit our website and choose 2 images, shoot us an email and let us know which ones. We will email you the images along with a quick little questionnaire to get to know you better and YOU get to choose next week's challenge! Thanks for joining us this week!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Your creations are just wonderful!

Now for the NEW Challenge #11 by Juyle Botts! Create a Birthday Card for a NON SPORTY Boy between the ages of 11 and 16.

This is from Juyle: For my challenge, I hope this isn’t too narrow a theme, I have a 15 year old son who has cerebral palsy that inhibits his mobility and so he’s not really into sport. He spends a lot of time on the computer and console games with his friends online. I dread when my son comes home and asks for a birthday card for one of his friends, who like him aren’t into sports(even though able bodied) and prefer to play console and computer games online against each other.
My challenge is to create a birthday card for a non sporty boy between the ages of 11 and 16. I’m sure it’s a problem age for all crafters and as there are so many talented people out there I wondered what other fellow crafters would come up with. For my sons last birthday I created with a lot of trials and thrown away attempts this 3D cardboard DS games console I was quite pleased with it and it impressed my son.

I have tried to give instructions below on how to make a 3d DS if anyone wants to have a go and also have tried to scan in templates, I will try and make them make sense but I can’t promise, but I’m sure all those fab crafters will get the idea and probably make a better job than I did, it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it?

Use 2 sheets of A4 card and cut out the shapes, score where the dotted lines are and fold. Cut out where the screens will be as this is where you will put your pictures or greetings.

Stick a piece of acetate over each of the screen spaces and then your picture or write your message or greeting. It might mean you trying to fold the box shapes together so you get your message the correct way up as one faces away from the large edge and the other towards it and I’m not sure which is which sorry.(useless teacher or what!)

Now fold and stick your boxes leaving open one side as these flaps form the hinge.

Slot one box into the other so the inside flap tucks into the top section and the flap from the top section drops over the back of the bottom section. It sounds complicated but it isn’t really. When the 2 boxes are folded as though the DS is closed the back flap should be visible like this. Stick it to the top section whilst the ‘DS’ is closed and hey presto you have a hinge.

Your Ds now just needs the finishing touches of buttons which is a cross shape and 2 little round circles you can use bits from a hole punch, I think you can see them on the one I did for my son’s birthday but no doubt you could get a picture off the internet if you don’t have a DS in your house to look at . Hope these make some kind of sense and if you do try have fun. This picture doesn’t give a very good example as my tape didn’t stick well but hopefully you get the idea.


WOW! This is super! I am sure we ALL have a need for this kind of card! My 18 year old still loves his video games and now I have a cool project for him! Thanks Juyle!! Now, lets get to know Juyle a little better then off to the craft room to start on our DS! =)

What is your favourite craft medium?
I suppose if I had to narrow down my favourites I would have to say rubber stamping and embossing powder but I also love messing with paper and just creating images from that alone. I do like most things crafty though and other things I love that give fast and gratifying results are encaustic wax pictures and silk painting. I tend to go through phases as to what I like doing best. My son said when I told him the question “There isn’t anything you don’t like mum so how can you have a favourite.”
What is your favourite scrap item or tool?
Oh I think I’ll have to be greedy and say I couldn’t survive without my craft knife, scissors and double sided tape. I try to be very frugal and buy wide tape and then score down the tape around the spool lengthways to make narrow strips that way my tape lasts 4 times as long. It was fiddly at first but now it’s just second nature. I sound mean and stingy don’t I but it saves pennies for other goodies.
What is your favourite paper line / company?
I don’t have any special favourite I just buy papers I like when I see them, but then I don’t like using them as I don’t want to cut into them so they end up in my son’s scrapbooks so I still have them or on special cards for people I know will really appreciate them.
What is your favourite colour?
Ah an easy question I have 2, turquoise and crisp clean white.
How do you have your scrap room decorated? Colours, themes, homey, contempory, etc?
My scrap room is pale matt blue light reflective paint on wallpaper that has a tiny square pattern. It use to be my husband’s study so the cupboards are covered in silver wrapping paper that is holographic prisms. It sounds awful but I don’t even notice it and it reflects light. It was a remnant from when we decorated my hubby’s study as I tried to use fung shui and that part of the house needed silver, grey and domes for good karma. It’s surprising but I can honestly say I have never in my whole 16 years of marriage never had an argument with my hubby so it must have something in it.
Are you an animal person? Do they have a place in your scrap room?
Yes I am an animal person although we don’t have any pets at the moment. I grew up with dogs at home and brought my last dog with me when I got married, sadly she is no longer with us, although I have her picture on my craft room wall, and I made an album recently of all my past pets, it’s amazing how many fur and feathered friends I’ve had.
Even though I have no pets of my own I have dog chews in my car for the neighbours dogs who spend as much time at my house as theirs and when I go to my mum’s a neighbour’s cat comes to say hello as do several of her neighbours dogs, Paddy a Dalmatian got quite confused when I changed cars.
What is my favourite Disney movie? Do you watch TV /Movies while working? Do you get inspiration from them?
My favourite Disney movie is ‘The Santa Clause’ I think its Disney, which I have watched every year with my son in the run up to Christmas it’s become a bit of a tradition. I don’t watch TV or movies in my craft room but if I’ve some cutting out or colouring in or knitting to do in the lounge then yes. Inspiration comes from everywhere so I can’t say no I don’t get inspiration but I can’t think of anything specific to say yes either.
Sweet or Savoury snack?
I’m definitely a savoury girl I’m not even bothered by chocolate.
Scary or Romantic movies?
Definitely romantic my favourites being Pretty Woman, Brigadoon and the first movie I saw with my hubby (to be as he was then) Sleepless in Seattle.
Beach or Snow vacation?
I would say beach but I’ve never been on a snow vacation. When we were first married we planned our holiday I wanted sunshine hubby wanted snow as he had recently learnt to ski. I won on the proviso that our next holiday would be a snow holiday, it never happened as I became pregnant and that changes everything as holidays become family orientated then. My hubby has since decided most of our holiday destinations and has never mentioned snow, so I can’t really say I wouldn’t prefer snow if I tried it.
Favourite type of music?
I’m a girl of the late 70’s and 80’s but like some 60’s and some modern too. It depends if you can understand what the singer is saying more than anything. I also like Bluegrass and found a band that does rock songs with a bluegrass twist and I can now understand all the words of some heavy rock songs the band is called Hay Seed Dixie give them a try you might find something new to listen to.


  1. wow! this is an amazing project!!! I know what i want to make for my little sister, (who is a gaming geek)

  2. Sorry didn't make the project, it's fab though - thanks for the tutorial here’s mine