Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekly Images and Inspiration

Alicia Ekermans used the new Bear on Trike for her creation this week! What a cute little image for any little boy themed project!

Amy Beasley used the Bear on Trike this week. She also colored the Bear on Trike with a little blue outfit instead of being nekked!! =)

Annette Bowes Wouldn't it be great to actually have a Trike Day! Love this little Blue Bear riding on his rainbow!

Gloria Morizen What a cutie pootie on the Trike!

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim
used both images this week as well. Love the little picket fence. Can't you just imagine this little guy zipping his trike down the sidewalk in your neighborhood?

Pauline Love all the bright colors! Who wouldn't love getting this card?

Shana T. used Bear on Trike this week. Love the masculine patterns and colors! Great 100% Boy card!
We hope everyone has enjoyed your stroll through the Princesses creations! Hope you found lots of inspiration too! Enjoy! Have a super week and weekend!!! =)

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  1. The Chibi line is clearly copied from Mia Zamora Johnson's amigurumi dolls, but without permission, credit, or reference. Is this even legal?