Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winner of Cat's Challenge and New Challenge

This week we all had SO much fun with Cat Darling's Birthday Card with Ribbon challenge! Random.org chose #6, Deena! Yay Deena!!! You win 2 Free images of your choice and YOU are next week's Guest Designer!! Renata was chosen as our Featured Artist. Yay! You also win 2 Free images! Check out Renata's blog! Really nice card!

Now, are you all ready for the next challenge? This week Jenn Borjeson is our Guest Designer! She would like everyone to create a Summer/Beach Themed card using 3 different background/designer/patterned papers! Take a look at Jenn's example card! What a cute Mer Couple!!!

Now, let's get to know Jenn a little better!!

What is your favorite craft medium? paper... all kinds of paper!

What is your favorite scrap item/tool? My Circle Scissors Plus - I love circles.

What is your favorite paper line/company? Stampin' Up!

What is your favorite color(s)? I love bright colors - purples and pinks and greens, anything bright

How do you have your scraproom decorated? Colors, themes, homey, contempo, etc. I am lucky enough to have a spare room dedicated to my crafting. I have orange beaded curtains hanging up and the room is decorated with my artwork. It's definitely homey!

Are you an animal person? Do they have a place in your scraproom? I have 2 cats - they do not have a place in my stamp room - I do not like flying fur stickin' to my stuff! LOL

What is your favorite Disney movie? Do you watch TV/Movies while working? Do you get your inspiration from them? My favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland! I do not watch movies while working, but I do get my inspiration from everything around me. I cannot watch movies or TV, look at magazines or ads, without thinking "I could make a card like that...." :)

Sweet or Savory snacks? Do I have to choose one or the other?? My 2 favorite snacks are Snyder Buffalo Wing Flavored pretzel pieces and Reese's peanut butter eggs.

Scary or Romantic movies? Scary - but not bloody, gory scary! I like creepy, makes-you-think-scary!

Beach or Snow vacations? Oh definitely beach. I live in New England - I get enough snow.

Favorite type of music? Rock, hard rock.

I am 38 years old. My husband's name is Jeremy and we have 2 kids. Our son Trevor is 16 1/2 and our daughter Cassidy will be 15 next month. I work full-time during the week as the Bursar of a small local private college. I also volunteer with an organization called Audrey's Umbrella (http://www.braintrust.org/umbrella.htm) - we send "happy mail" to patients who are battling brain tumors. I use a lot of the cards I create for this purpose. I have been stamping and making cards for 8 years now. I absolutely love making cards, but I also enjoy making things like bookmarks, magnets, and tea-bag cards. I also enjoy altering items. The time I spend in my craft room is like my therapy - it leaves me feeling relaxed and accomplished!

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  1. I wanted to leave a comment on Kathrin's blog to thank her for playing this week, but it's not in English and I cannot figure out where the link to post the comment is. :) So thank you, Kathrin!