Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challenge Winner and New Challenge!!!

Sheryl YOU are this week's challenge WINNER!! YAY!! Thanks to everyone who participated this week and thanks to Amyscrapper for giving us this CUTE Pet Themed Valentine Card!!!

This week we have Itzuvit's Challenge! The challenge is PINK and BLING!! Let's follow her awesome sketch as well!! Take a look and then get busy! =)

Let's get to know Itzuvit a little better!

What is your favorite craft medium?

It varies from time to time right now its flock and cracked paint especially the transparent kind.

What is your favorite scrap item/tool?

Flowers! I just can't seem to finish a project without a hand made or a bought flower in it.

What is your favorite paper line/company?

I have to say Prima, love the flowers and lace papers..

What is your favorite color(s)?

You can see from the challenge! It's Pink!!! I'm an addict/

How do you have your scraproom decorated? Colors, themes, homey, contempo, etc.

Well, I have a huge desk n with all my goodies in drawers. I like to bye things that are pink, that’s why I love my pink crop a dile so much!

Are you an animal person?

I love animals, and I had a little beautiful brown dog, here name was sindy and she was with us for 18 years!

Do they have a place in your scraproom?

There is only place for scrap in my scrap room : )

What is your favorite Disney movie?

I love so many Disney movies but one that I simply enjoyed was "Lion King"

Do you watch TV/Movies while working?

I have my TV opened in the background bit I'm all in to what I'm making at that time.

Do you get your inspiration from them?

I get inspiration from everything I encounter; it might be an ad or a poster, a color combination that someone is wearing etc...

Sweet or Savory snacks? Sweet for me, for sure!

Scary or Romantic movies?

Scary, I'm a big horror films fanatic; I even took a course in the university called "thrillers".

Beach or Snow vacations?

I love the beach but since I have so much of it in Israel, I defiantly like cold places for my vacations,

Favorite type of music?

Everything! I listen to it all, pop, rock, hip hop, dance … if I like the sound then I just go with it.

**Remember, the challenge runs from Tuesday, January 19 to Monday, January 25 at midnight CST. By joining the challenge we have the opportunity to win 2 FREE digital stamp images of your choice and you get a spot as Guest Designer for your own Tuesday Challenge!!


  1. Yay - thanks for the challenge - loved the sketch!


  2. Thanks for the challenge ladies... I'm not a 'pink' person, so pink is a challenge for me! Love playing here!