Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Challenge Winner and New Challenge...

And the winner is.....drum roll please......# 1: ROXX T.!!!!!! Yeah!!! You win two free images and will be a guest designer for an upcoming challenge!!! Woohoo!Our Featured Artist this week is...KERSTIN!!! You also win 2 free images! What a cute card!

Please visit our website doodlepalace.com, choose 2 free images (sets included), and email us with your 2 choices (doodlepalacedesigns@yahoo.com)!
Congrats to the both of you!

Our Next Challenge: RETRO themed

This challenge is sponsored by our guest designer, Christina Hicks. She chose a RETRO Themed challenge! What a great idea, Christina! Let's see who's up for the challenge...use Mr. Linky below to submit your entries. You may submit as many times as you like!

What a retro card!!! Thanks, Christina!

Now, Let's get to know Christina!

Above: My cat George hiding amonst my scrap papers. (just gotta smile at that!)

Below: My husband Mickey along with my son Rodney on his graduation day from Boot Camp.

What is your favorite craft medium? Digital images! I love all things crafty but digital images have completly changed my whole way of crafting. I am never bored or run out of ideas now.

What is your favorite scrap item/tool? That changes a lot but right now its a new craft knife I just got that fits around your finger. I had so much trouble controlling my other pen shaped ones and this one is a breeze, I love it.

What is your favorite paper line/company? I am not reallly dedicated to a certain company, I just find papers I like and buy them. But I guess my favorite papers I have ever gotten were from Club Scrap and they were designed by Michael Strong, who I am a huge fan of. I won them from his blog and I have only used them once, lol, I have threatened to frame them because they are so gorgeous and I dont want to use them up.

What is your favorite color(s)? Pink is my favorite, but I love green almost as much.

How do you have your scraproom decorated? Colors, themes, homey, contempo, etc. haphazard, lol. Its an ongoing process. I just got a dedicated craftroom about a year ago. Before that it was whereever I could set a table up long enough to work on a project. My son left for the army last June and I took over his room so its still not like I want it but its all mine and that wonderful.

Are you an animal person? Most definetly! Do they have a place in your scraproom? As you can see from my photo, my cat George fits right in. If I am in my craftroom he is too. In fact he spends more time in here than I do, he likes to sleep in here on my footstool when I am not in here.

What is your favorite Disney movie? Aladdin Do you watch TV/Movies while working? No tv in my craftroom. I like music when I am crafting. Do you get your inspiration from them? I draw inspiration from commercials. You know they are all about color and design and I will often see a color combo or they way they have something laid out and go oh hey I could add that to a card.

Sweet or Savory snacks? Combo, my fav right now is a combo of sesame sticks and yogurt raisins.

Scary or Romantic movies? Romantic comedy is my favorite kind of movies.

Beach or Snow vacations? I dont like the cold and I burn really easily. So if I am at a beach I have to sit with a blanket around me, way fun, lol. I like the country, so lakes, picnics, lots of trees and shade.

Favorite type of music? Right now glee radio, on aol radio. I am a huge Glee fan and I love to listen to the music played on there.

Thanks again, Christina! Hope you are all up for this awesome challenge. Remember, the winner gets a chance to be guest designer for an upcoming challenge, and if you are chosen as featured artist, you win 2 free Doodle Palace images.
GOOD LUCK, everyone!

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  1. Wow too cool I can't believe I won..I had such a hard time sleeping last night! I e-mailed my two digi choices. Thank YOU

    Christina,Love your retro card.Congratulations to Rodney for making it through Boot Camp Hoorah!~